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McAfee has always been my long time favorite antivirus and internet security solutions provider. In fact, I have been an avid McAfee product user for the past couple of decades now, and I can testify that their products work with close to 100% efficiency, as it managed to thwart serious malware infections on my PC.

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Of course, 21st century antivirus solution must be versatile, and the virus database must be updated frequently in order to have the most updated virus definition that would allow the application to detect the latest malware threat that hits the virtual world. McAfee does have an ultra-database, which is updated daily with the latest virus definition from their secure servers.

And whenever a new malware is detected on the loose, McAfee’s security team will dutifully identify the threat, and update the virus definition onto their virus database. Generally, McAfee’s software will automatically download this piece of information onto your PC, and you’ll be safeguarded against these threats.

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One the other hand, McAfee is also lightweight to operate. The light-weightiness is definitely one of the largest benefits in using the antivirus and internet security suite. In fact, older PCs can operate perfectly, without the need of an upgrade.

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My trusty old Dell laptop has been running McAfee security suite for the past 5 years, and the old hardware didn’t struggle to cope with the latest version of the security suite. Thus, if you do run older computer hardware, I’m pretty sure McAfee security suite would definitely be your perfect antivirus and internet security choice.

Do take note that the McAfee Internet Security suite comes built-in with a high grade firewall. This particular firewall is good enough to protect your PC against intruders. Personally, I use my laptop in a public area quite often, and it looks like there are a lot of WiFi snoopers around, who are trying very hard to hack your PC. Whenever there’s a serious snooping threat, McAfee would inform me of the threat, and dutifully block the access instantaneously.

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Also, McAfee Internet Security has a revolutionary anti-phishing module, in which the respective module is responsible in detecting and blocking suspected phishing sites. Generally, this particular module is connected to McAfee’s database, which is updated regularly with the latest suspected phishing sites found online. And whenever a phishing URL is entered onto the browser, McAfee would automatically detect the entered URL and block access immediately, which protect the unsuspecting computer user.

You’ll receive a message that the accessed site posed a security threat to your PC, while being navigated into a safe URL in the process, thus securing your PC from the threat.

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Personally, I find McAfee’s antivirus to be very effective indeed. I’m a heavy PC user, and I always connect USB data storage devices on my PC to transfer data provided by my colleagues. Of course, McAfee is intelligent enough to detect that I’ve connected a data storage device on my PC, and it will dutifully scan the storage device without much intervention.

From my user experience, McAfee has managed to identify 98% of the threats found on the mass storage drive, and it also has a 100% efficiency in cleaning the device from the infection. The virus and malware removal process is very simple and easy, and is perfect for an average PC user like me.

Another feature that I like is the Parental Control. Being a parent myself, I have children who access my PC. Of course, since they access my PC without supervision, I have set McAfee to block unwanted and potentially dangerous site.

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It takes a few simple click of a button to setup this particular feature, but once it is setup, the Parental Control does not require anymore settings, and it will function flawlessly after that. The Parental Control is one of the best security features found on McAfee products, and since suspicious sites are blocked automatically, this upkeeps my computer security tremendously.

Of course, if you are searching for a good antivirus and internet security suite for your PC, I believe McAfee will do a fabulous job in up-keeping computer security for you. The program is lightweight and it doesn’t take much resource when operating on your computer. Whenever I scan my PC, McAfee only consumes a small portion of the available CPU, thus this greatly reduce computer lag when a full system scan is in place. Also, McAfee is easy to use, and it’s also easy to administer.

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The maker of McAfee also has set various automatic features on the software to enhance your computer security tremendously. After switching to McAfee products, I did not have a serious virus or malware infection on my PC for the past 5 years, and my system has been running smoothly ever since. I did not reformat my PC for the past 5 years, which otherwise would be needed after a serious virus infection on the PC.

If you are searching for a versatile antivirus and internet security product for your PC, I’m pretty sure McAfee will do a perfect job in the respective area. And if you are ready to purchase McAfee security products, be sure to browse to the top of the page and view some of the promotional offers that I have listed on that particular section.

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The promotional codes are verified very frequently in order to upkeep its validity, thus giving consumers like you the benefit of saving money when purchasing McAfee products. Thus, if you are ready to hop onto the McAfee bandwagon, use my McAfee coupon and promo codes that I have listed above, and save more money on your next McAfee purchase!

I’m pretty sure you’ll be a happy McAfee product user, as I can testify that I have been using McAfee security suites flawlessly over the past 5 years, without any major problems occurred on my PC.

Save more on your McAfee purchase today – browse to my McAfee coupon and promo code snippets above to get a whopping savings on McAfee products!

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